BASK LA® Steam Pro


  1. Remove your Steam Pro and the two-piece power adapter from the box. 
  2. Place your Steam Pro on an even, clean surface when in use. 
  3. Connect the power adapter and cord to the device. Plug the power cord into an outlet and keep it away from any source of water. 
  4. Remove the top cover and the cover with finger slots from the device and pour 40-50ml of 100% acetone into the clear tray provided, then secure the top cover back on to the device. Never pour acetone directly into the device
  5. Turn the power switch to the “ON” position to begin heating. 
  6. Test your skin to make sure you are not sensitive to 100% acetone. You should not initiate use with the Steam Pro if you have an allergic reaction. 


  1. File off the top layer of polish to “break the seal”. Thicker applications of product such as gel-x, acrylic, etc. may require additional filing to de-bulk the nail prior to steaming. 
  2. Wait for the device to heat up. The "H" setting indicates heat. 
  3. When the "S" (steam setting) light turns green place your fingers in the finger slots. Fingers should lightly grip the underside of the cap and should not be submerged in the acetone. 
  4. Steam for a minimum of 5-10 minutes, repeating steaming as needed based on the polish type. During steaming the "H" setting may switch on and off as the device regulates the temperature. 
  5. The "W" setting indicates that the device is starting to cool. If additional steaming is required, switch the device off and back on to repeat the cycle. 
  6. Remove remaining polish with the ESSENTIAL NAIL TOOLS while polish is still pliable from steaming. Buff bare nails with the MULTI-STEP BUFFER. 
  7. Properly dispose of the acetone, clean the device, and allow the Steam Pro to cool completely before storing. 

Note: Results will vary based on the type and amount of polish being removed. Thorough filing and repeated steaming is recommended for stubborn polish types or heavy applications of polish. The Steam Pro is for personal use only. 


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