Zoom BASK LA® Body Glow
Zoom BASK LA® Body Glow
Zoom BASK LA® Body Glow
Zoom BASK LA® Body Glow

BASK LA® Body Glow

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It's time to break up with your razor and join the future of hair removal! Say goodbye to razor burn, cuts and nicks, strawberry legs, painful waxing, and expensive laser treatments. The Body Glow uses nano-crystalline technology proven to remove unwanted body hair and leave you with soft, hair-free, glowing skin year round. Feel confident in your skin!

Box includes 1 Body Glow. 


Effective removal of unwanted body hair

Suitable for different body parts

No more razor burn, cuts, or strawberry legs

Reusable and easy to clean

Pain free

Time and money saving

Travel friendly

How It Works

The Body Glow uses nano-crystalline technology allowing hair to clump, break, and release from the shaft of the hair with ease. The skin is exfoliated during this process, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.

How To Use

Gently grip the Body Glow and rub in small circular motions, applying light pressure on the desired area.

BASK LA® Body Glow

$39.95 Regular price $49.95

Hair-free skin in seconds

a painless way to achieve smooth and soft skin

Top-Rated In Hair Removal

Proven removal of unwanted body hair!

Save Thousands On Hair Removal Treaments

Say goodbye to painful waxing and laser treatments. Enjoy fast pain-free hair removal from the comfort of your home without the costly price tag.


Make a one-time purchase that will keep your skin hair free year round. You can use it again and again!

Real results, you have to see to believe

The future of hair removal is only one click away. Get instantly smooth skin in a few gentle strokes. Your body hair doesn't stand a chance!


Ditch your razor

simultaneously remove hair and exfoliate

The Future Of Hair Removal!


When should I use the Body Glow?

We recommend using the Body Glow after a bath or shower when the skin is clean, but before you apply any moisturizer.

What areas can I use the Body Glow on? 

The Body Glow can be used on most areas. We recommend patch testing sensitive skin before use. We do not recommend using the Body Glow on underarms or facial skin, as these areas can be very delicate.

How often can I use the Body Glow?

Frequency of use depends on skin type and varies from person to person. 

Does the Body Glow work on strawberry skin? 

Yes, the Body Glow removes unwanted hair and exfoliates the skin, which can help improve the appearance of strawberry legs. 

How do I clean my Body Glow?

Rinse the Body Glow and pat dry. Store in a cool place.


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